Buy HTML5 Games

Want to buy mobile HTML5 games? Check out my portfolio below! All of the games are optimized for mobile-devices. They are also playable in the desktop browser. Each game is available for licensing, customization, ads, branding, etc. Feel free to contact me to discuss further.

The games below are ready-to-play in your mobile browser. Bookmark this page for easy access to mobile games.

Heart Breaker Logo
November 2013 – Survival
Gain experience and level-up as you slam hearts into enemies that lack love. Watch out for giant rockets, spinning girls, and kitty bombs.
Chibi Fishers Logo
September 2013 – Arcade
Eat approaching fish while avoiding dangerous floating mines! Have more Chibi Fishers join up the further you go!
Danger Kitty Logo
August 2013 – Survival
Kitty is in danger! You must dodge your way around fireballs, giant bricks, and monsters!