Back from a Journey and into Another

I am back from the depths of the digital sea! Hey, notice a difference?

Yes, quite some time passed since I last updated my blog and you probably noticed the website got a complete overhaul. The last 2-3 months was a learning experience for me; both in the HTML5 market and web development. Although, I admit becoming lazier over the months; it’s time for change.

What happened to Kitty?

A Kitty Story Banner1

Kitty is not dead, in fact I have huge plans for it. I am brimming with excitement to get started on it. But.. the game will go back to the drawing boards because I want it more than just a flash game. Yes, A Kitty Story will become bigger and better than before. But rest assured, kitty is still alive unless I state otherwise.

But there is one drawback: money. This is the sole reason that kept me away from Kitty, and it sucks! This is why I sell HTML5 games. It has been netting me a decent profit, but not enough to justify working on Kitty. Regardless, it has opened up some awesome opportunities. I am super excited to be working on a new quality HTML5 game. In a future post, I will get back with you all on the fine details.

Website Redesign

Dreamweaver Picture

Redesigning the website was something that always bothered me. It was a big step learning and refreshing my memory on HTML, CSS, and PHP. In my last post I mentioned that I felt the website was clunky and boring. And it was.. atleast to me. I decided to run it down and give it a complete makeover. So, go ahead and check out the newly designed games and art page!

Besides that.

I am now ready to get back to making games and hopefully stay fired up with blog updates!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Arun Seshan says:

    The games you’ve made are really nice.. I hope you get more support to continue 🙂


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