A Kitty Story Devlog #1 – Here we go!

For those that don’t know, “A Kitty Story” is an exploration platform game starring a harmless kitty. The game will be terrifying, cute, confusing, and trippy. It’s highly influenced by titles such as Untitled Story, Nifflas games, Soul Brothers, etc.

Alright! If you want to see the full devlog, check it out here.

Some progress!

Now this game will have tons of unique areas to vary gameplay quite a bit. I’ve been working on a few enemy ships in the SHMUP portion. I’m a big fan of ChoRenSha 68k, so gameplay will be pretty similar.. a fast-paced bullet hell. Check em out!


I really want this area to be difficult, but that just won’t work out for the casual players. I’ve been deciding to either give the players lots of lives, or make a separate “optional” path the player can take. Players who take this path and reach the end could flick some switches, making the enemy ships weaker. And of course.. there will be easy access back to flick the switches back on/off.

Interaction System

It’s alright just speaking to NPC’s and walking stone tablets, but I’ve been thinking that maybe it would be better if most of them spoke through bubble like images. That way, I could add more diversity and the images could be interpreted in different ways. The player will also interact through images, most likely facial expressions. Rather this, than having a 2 choice text – “Do this, do that” or “Yes, No”.


Now for closure, My first “Diary” log done late at night. It’s time I knocked myself out. I hope you enjoy! ^_^




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