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A Kitty Story Devlog #1 – Here we go!

For those that don’t know, “A Kitty Story” is an exploration platform game starring a harmless kitty. The game will be terrifying, cute, confusing, and trippy. It’s highly influenced by titles such as Untitled Story, Nifflas games, Soul Brothers, etc.

Alright! If you want to see the full devlog, check it out here.


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The foundation post.. and Ludum

Alright. First post in! It was about time I set-up an internet home. So the idea behind this archive of files is to share all my junk from development, games, music, and art. I haven’t prepared any art or music yet, but it’ll randomly appear any given day..

Last week I’ve entered my first Ludum Dare entry for the “10 Second Theme”. You can check it out here.

And also, check out the actual Ludum Dare Entry page.

Or play it here!

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